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Sunray Records, Inc. is an independent record company based in South Florida. Our mission is to bring to you, the customer, what we feel are some of the best musical talents out there who are just unable to get a major record deal. If you've been around a while you know that talent isn't everything. It takes a lot of luck to land a record deal. By the way, all of our stuff is available on-line at: It is a great website to find some of the best independent artists around today. So, when you have a minute, get there and browse some of the artists. Just pick a genre and have a listen. And, thanks for coming to our site.
Our address is:
1856 N. Nob Hill Road #612,
Plantation, Florida 33322
Sorry, but we do not accept any unsolicited material from artists. We wish we could. We are that small and only handle our own artists. But, we wish you good luck.
In early 2019 we will be releasing some great, satirical, political songs on two CD's; but, as digital downloads. The goal is to ease some of the anxiety politics can have on us all. So, just check our "Bulletin Board" page to see when they come out.




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