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The New York Cowboys are a handful of talented studio musicians in South Florida that just love to play and are kind enough to perform on my songs. Thanks Dan Warner, Lee Levin, John Falcone, Rick Krive, Ed Calle,David Fernandez, Jim Hacker, John Kricker, Dan Feiszle, Herman "Teddy" Mulet, Clay Ostwald, Doug Emery.
Special thanks to Jim Kalamasz for keeping Spectrum Studios up and running so guys like me have a great place to go to get our music together that doesn't kill our pocketbooks. And thanks to one great audio engineer, Zach Ziskin, for working with guys like me without losing his sanity.
J.D. Danner is a singer/songwriter/musician originally from New York, now living in South Florida. J.D. is one of the brightest, female country/rock artists to come along in a long time. We know you'll love her stuff. Samples of her songs are now on our site. To check out some of J.D.'s other music and goodies please go to her site,
Cube has been transformed into a great Denver based band now known as, "Wide Mouth Grin". To check them out just go to,
Hal Roland is a dynamic musician/singer/songwriter in South Florida. His band plays private and corporate gigs locally and nationally. For information about Hal, please go to
Beth Cohen, aka Dangerous Betty, is one of South Florida's hottest, female rock vocalists. To learn more about her unique talents go to,
Maria DeCrescenzo is another of South Florida's finest female vocalists. As a long standing vocalist with KC and the Sunshine Band, Maria has performed around the globe for the past 20 years. To learn more about Maria please go to,




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