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As of December 31, 2014 both of our contests are over. Unfortunately, we did not reach our sales goals to select any new winners. Before we run any further contests we hope to have a major distributor to help us with those sales goals. Thank you.
We have currently released some songs from the current CD as single downloads available only from Those songs are: "I'm Kicking Cancer's Butt Today", "I'm Kicking Cancer's Ass Today", both versions of "Steel Pony Weekend"; and, one version of, "When Our Eyes Met".
The CD pictured on our Steel Pony Weekend page is the older version of the CD. The newer version has 11 songs on that CD plus our cancer fight songs and a few other added tracks. That CD can be found only at Thanks.
If you wish to order our new CD, you cannot do so from our CD Ordering Page. You have to go directly to and in the searchbar enter: Steel Pony Weekend, Special Edition, Miami. Thanks.




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